The Literary Dinner Party Tag

1. A character who can/ likes to cook:

Amy- …It’s only now that I’m realising almost all of my favourite characters have no practical skill here… The closets I could come would be Klaus Baudelaire, because the siblings cook a couple of times in A series of Unfortunate Events and, being so smart, he’d be able to remember lots of recipes.

Christie- Grace from Shiver is just about the only character I know that cooks but this series does happen to be one of my favorite series, so I think this would be interesting.

2. A character who has money to fund the party:

Amy- Mrs Havisham has a lot of money… I don’t think a lot of people will attend…

Christie- Gatsby (The Great Gatsby),though hopefully my party can be on a slightly smaller scale than his own…

3. A character who might cause a scene:

Amy- Cane from the Gone series. He’s nothing if not dramatic.

Christie- Kaz Brekker (Six of Crows). Please! I’d love to meet this character, he’s so complex and mischevious, though if his crew came as backup my enthusiasm may be embarrasing.

4. An amusing character:

Amy- Tonks from the Harry Potter series- who’d be really fun with constantly changing her appearance- or the Weasley twins, probably at the risk of them pranking everyone.

Christie- Jace (The Mortal Instruments). It goes without saying that this chacater is amazingly funny.

5. A character who is super social/ popular:

Amy- Newt from The Maze Runner series, because he’s pretty much the only person keeping the gladers together.

Christie- This was probably the hardest question for me, considering my favorites are almost all villains haha. In the end I decided Lissa from the Vampire Academy series would fit (yes compulsion counts as social skills), though I prefered this charcter at the start of the series (so far I don’t know of anyone who shares this opinion..)

A villain:

Amy- The Gourmet, from the manga series Tokyo Ghoul. He’s one of my favourite villains and also happens to be very, very rich and holding a lot of standing in his society, so- even though he is most definitely a villain- I feel like his invite would cause as much of a stir as it would otherwise do.

Christie- Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments series was my favorite character so he’d definetly be getting an invite. Having him and Jace at the same gathering may prove a little difficult, but if worst gets to worst I’m sure the Brekker gang could handle it.

A couple (not neccesarily romantic):


Christie- Nathan and Gabriel! I just read Half Bad and absolutely loved both of these characters and how they interact with each other (I also think it would be highly amusing to have this many sassy characters in one room.)

A hero(ine):

Amy- Lyra from Pullman’s His Dark Materials series… I just saw Christie’s answer but I’m not going to change mine because: these characters should never be apart if it can be helped, and there are so many amazing characters in this series that naming more than one is definitely not excessive.

Christie- Will from the His Dark Materials series will always be special to me and I feel like I’ll need his kind-yet-hardy nature to survive this dinner party.

An under-appreciated character:

Amy- A, from Everyday by David Levithan. A is so complex as a character and I haven’t heard many other people talk about how inspiring and overall fantastic they are.

Christie- I don’t think anyone can ever appreciate Max (The Book Thief) enough, despite his popularity, so I’m going to cheat a little and invite him. Mostly I just want to meet this character, but I’d also love to see Max and Will interact as these characters seem similar to me.

A character of your choosing:

Amy- Simon, from Simon Vs the Homo Sapien Agenda. He’s fun and hilarious but also really respectful and nice. I’d probably need someone I have things in common with, with all of the clashing personalities going to be at this party :’)

Christie- Well it wouldn’t be a proper gathering if at least one character from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was present (after all, if I was throwing it, it would be closer to a tea party anyway) and seen as I love the Cheshire Cat, I guess he can have the last seat at the table.

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